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Tadımda Food Industry Inc. / FRUITERRA

Started in 2005 in Salihli Organized Industrial Zone with the name of Zumdieck Canned & Frozen Foods our journey of keeping fruits of Anatolian soil with all their taste and freshness and delivering all over the world continues with the name of Fruiterra / Tadimda Gida Sanayi A.S. as of January 2021.

Strictly applying and following food safety management systems like BRC, IFS and HACCP our experience and excitment is always at high level by producing and exporting the best canned mandarins, canned grapefruit, canned oranges, canned cherries, canned sourcherries, canned plums, canned grapes and canned peppers. 

With the awareness and pride of raising generations with safe food our ethical business processes are certified by regular SMETA and BSCI audits. 

Being aware of the fact that our most important asset is human resources we see growth as the most important goal by contributing more and more to the society and we know it as our responsibility and duty to increase our share in the export market day by day.

We are also pleased to announce our new investment on IQF fruits and vegetables production. Starting from 2022 we will be serving food industry also on IQF fruits and vegetables category together with canned foods. 


• To be an international solution partner in both frozen and canned food industry.
• To increase opportunities and occasions through high value-added products, special brand productions, partnerships and acquisitions.
• To become a leading company in the canned fruit and vegetable markets.
• The scope of the Ethics and Social Compliance to join the ranks of the leading companies in Turkey.

• Tadımda Gıda Turkey, is committed to being a pioneer and leader in the production of both frozen and canned fruits / vegetables in Turkey.
• Health and quality are at the foreground.
• Tadımda Gıda Turkey is also trying to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• Tadımda Gıda for Turkey to employees can use their own initiative and creativity with both themselves and provide a working environment that can carry forward the company is as important as providing customers and gain their own shares.
• All of our employees are considered as equal without discrimination of ethnicity, race, language, religion, age, gender, nationality, disability and cultural differences.
• The right person for the right job, equal pay for equal work, success-related merit and equal opportunity for all are our basic principles.
• Child worked and forced and compulsory labor are protected by labor legislation and policies established within this framework.